Creating Wellness From Within

When you balance the mind, the body will follow.


For when life is out of balance, and you’re ready to create change.

Adrienne is a Wellness & Lifestyle Coach with a wealth of experience in the health and wellness industry.
She originally trained as a Sports Therapist in 2004, and moved into Hypnotherapy and Coaching in 2018 after a breast cancer diagnosis led to her retirement from sports massage in 2015.

6 years after her retirement, and Adrienne has dusted off her massage couch once more. Frequent enquiries, and not so subtle hints from her old clients has led the relaunch the sports massage side of her business.

With a passion for helping others to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm from their life, and improve energy, self-worth, confidence and overall wellness, Adrienne works with clients to help them gain a greater understanding of their behaviours in order to create the positive changes they’re looking for.

As a Wellness Coach Adrienne has a full body approach to the work she does, and looks to tackle what has led you to her from a 360º viewpoint. 

As a HypnoCoach, it is my job to help you find the triggers to the thoughts keeping you awake at night, causing you feelings of stress or anxiety.
Using a combination of hypnosis and coaching tools, together we are able to identify the root cause of areas of imbalance in your life. Most issues stem back to childhood and have been well and truly buried in the back of the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is the part of the mind responsible for all of our habits, be they the good ones or bad and is designed to protect and keep us safe.
When thinking of habits we generally think of things associated with bad habits, such as nail biting, smoking, laziness, scrolling through social media, procrastination... but, habits relate to our thought processes too, negative thoughts, self criticism, self loathing - all of these are habits that prevent us from achieving our goals, dreams or desires - in essence our state of happiness.

When you choose to work with me, the first thing we do is a brain dump. This is your opportunity to tell me all about you, not only your struggles, the things that you feel are holding you back, but also your strengths and successes too.I offer you a safe space with zero judgement or opinion, and an ear to hear what you have to say. Together we'll piece together the puzzle and put a plan of action in place to help you to achieve just that.

Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage aimed at seeking out those painful knots and realigning muscle fibres, allowing from improved mobility and increased blood flow to the affected area.

Many of us underestimate the mind / body connection, and fail to see that frequently, the physical pain we are experiencing is connected with emotions being carried around. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling good that you are standing tall with an open posture and stance, but when you are feeling low or run down that you become crumpled and your body language closed? This is a natural response, you may well be feeling vulnerable, and so, the natural instinct is to protect yourself.

Massage allows you time to switch off, to step off the merry-go-round of life, and allows the brain to hit the reset button, so that any feelings of stress or anxiety can begin to dissipate, leaving you feeling calmer and more in control.

I've always seen sports massage as a puzzle that I need to solve, when we take time to understand the mind and the body, balance can be restored.

Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation, failure to do so may result in you being charged for your missed session unless I am able to rebook the slot.

I offer a professional service and reserve the right to refuse treatment where I do not deem it to be appropriate.